Revolution Of Reason
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I also wrote Ben and the Critter Congress, which is available on eBay and probably 800 - 900 used book stores.  This talking-animal fantasy was to have been the introduction to the works on this website.  What can I say?  The best laid plans . . . .

I've always been a seeker and searcher, if indeed there's a difference - always looking the the answer to one simple question, "What in the hell's really going on here?".  Maybe if I'd known what I was going to find, I'd have quit looking - probably not.

These works were written in the 1980s, a time of relative calm.  They're dated, but not out-of-date.  Today's political games and wars not only increase the risks and danger of our insanity but also illustrate the extent of this insanity far greater than anything I could have envisioned back then.  The message these works convey has not been altered.  Mankind remains totally unaware of what it's doing to itself and what needs to be done to stop doing it.  They still haven't built the computer model of the human mind.

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