Welcome to the Revolution of Reason - a peaceful, nonviolent revolution to return reason to its rightful role in the human mind.  

If you’re just passing through, that’s okay.  So are we all.


If I’d had a choice, I’d have chosen to pass through a world far less troubled than this one – a world where something much less inflammatory than the human belief system was causing the problem.  If I’d had a choice, surely I’d have chosen not to take myself and all this so seriously.  Apparently, I either didn’t have these choices or I chose wrongly each time.


It’s not by coincidence that a guide for returning reason to an unreasonable world and a blueprint for the computer program of the human mind appear on the same site (And it’s not just because someone crazy enough to think he could do one would be crazy enough to think he could do both).  No, they both appear here because the two are interwoven.  The program of the human mind can be built by unreasonable people, but there can be no return to reason without this program.


The Mind Insurgent Handbook explains why and how we developed our belief system and what it has done for us - and to us.  However, the implications are far too great to be taken seriously without convincing proof.  The program of the human mind will provide this proof.  With a computer model of the human mind, we can examine how we think and the real role of beliefs and fixed values in our thought process.


The question now before us is whether we can understand what we’ve done to ourselves and stop doing it before it is too late.  Our nuclear capacity to destroy our species at any time gives us ample incentive; the computer model of the human mind will provide the means.  If the daily threat of nuclear annihilation and the unnecessary suffering and deaths of billions are insufficient reasons to look at this, you also have Cal Thomas, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

Revolution Of Reason
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